Muslims are more plastic than plankton because there is islamic bak.The Bak Islami.Muslim Bak magic satanism and i google and i george yussuf as well.The FBI please

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عرض جميع نتائج البحث في الويب لـ صور الباك الإسلامي

UFO spotted in Kuwait?
Posted: 24-11-2009 , 13:51 GMT
UFOTwo men in Kuwait told local media that they spotted what they called a “flying saucer.”The UFO, one man said, first appeared on the 10th of November and resembled an illuminated halo. The second man, a government employee, spotted a UFO nine days later. After reading of the UFO account by the first man, he decided to report the incident to the police, saying it matched the description of the first man.

The body carries the same attributes mentioned by Failakawi [the first identifier], it contains considerable light in the middle and is lined with small lights,” Kuwaiti daily Al Rai quoted the second man as saying.



The man also told reporters that the object flew horizontally before disappearing behind a condominium in the Sabah al Salem area.


Despite reports in Kuwaiti media, no photos or recordings have been provided as proof of the two citings. Nevertheless, the two men and several supporters have defended what the men saw, saying two identical descriptions by strangers cannot be a coincidence.


Others, however, have argued that the men merely witnessed solar reflections from small meteorites.

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وكذلك البلاطة الحجرية أو المرمرية المسماة بلاطة بالونكيه La dalle de palenqué المحفور عليها صور لشخصيات تعتمر خوذ لطيارين أو قبعات لرواد فضاء يطيرون بواسطة عتلات التحكم بالات manettes تشبه مبدل السرع وآلات وعتلات الرفع leviers في سياراتنا الحالية، ولكن في ماكنة محلقة، ونشاهد بوضوح المحركات النفاثة التي تطلق اللهب الذي يوفر قوة الدفع للآلة الطائرة، وهي تحفة أثرية يعود تاريخها إلى آلاف السنين. وبمقدورنا الرجوع إلى الكتب المقدسة للأديان السماوية التوحيدية الثلاثة لنقتفي أثر المركبات الفضائية القادمة من

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Assad: Isreal is not serious to resume peace talks
Posted: 13-11-2009 , 19:08 GMT

assad sarkozySyria’s president on Friday ruled out face-to-face negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the latter is not serious about peace. Speaking in Paris, Bashar al-Assad said that he had no Israeli partner ready to push forward the Middle East peace process, calling for lower-level dialogue under Turkish mediation and with French support.

“If Mr. Netanyahu is serious, he can send a team of experts, and we’ll send a team of experts to Turkey. Then we can really talk, if they’re interested,” the Syrian leader said after talks with his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy.

Muslim women wearing the trousers
Putin stresses importance of Arab ties as new Arabic newspaper launched
Middle East status quo unsustainable
Libya must not be held hostage by greed
Officials recommend to delay Palestinian election
Posted: 12-11-2009 , 14:35 GMT
Mahmoud Abbas abu mazenPalestinian election officials on Thursday recommended postponing January’s presidential election. Hanna Nasser, chairman of the Palestinian election commission, blamed Hamas for holding up the vote. According to the AP, he said Hamas had refused to cooperate with election workers, making it impossible to hold the Jan. 24 vote.


“We planned to go to Gaza to figure out how we can conduct elections there,” Nasser said. “In the meantime, we received an answer from Hamas that we are not welcome in Gaza. It is clear now that we cannot hold an election in Gaza.”


Report: Two Saudi troops killed on Yemen border
Two Saudi troops have been killed and five injured in clashes with Yemeni rebel “infiltrators” on the Saudi-Yemen border
  Assad: Isreal is not serious to resume peace talks
  Gaza border: Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian
  Officials recommend to delay Palestinian election
  Algeria says football players attacked in Cairo
Algeria says football players attacked in Cairo
Posted: 12-11-2009 , 21:41 GMT
algeria footballThe Algerian government said four football players from the national team were injured Thursday when their bus was attacked by Egyptian fans upon arrival in Cairo for a World Cup qualifier.




The two teams last met 20 years ago in a match that led to riots. Egypt won that game 1-0.





In Thursday’s attack, one player was hospitalized and three others were injured, Algerian communication minister Azzedine Mihoubi told state radio. According to him, the players were riding in their bus from Cairo International Airport to their hotel when they were attacked.




An Egyptian police official denied that Algerian team members were hurt. He said security forces overpowered local fans who tried to throw stones at the arriving members of the Algerian squad. Emotional Egyptian fans waited for the Algerians outside the airport but police managed to prevent them from hurling stones, the official said, according to the AP.









أورومتشي 22 يوليو 2009 (شينخوا) في الصورة الملتقطة يوم 21 يوليو 2009 ، سياح تايوانيون يزورون متحف شينجيانغ . وقد وصل هذا الفوج السياحي التايواني المؤلف من 125 سائحا الى أورومتشي حاضرة منطقة شينجيانغ الويغورية الذاتية الحكم بشمال غرب الصين يوم 20 يوليو، علما أنه من أكبر الأفواج السياحية التي وصلت الى هذه المنطقة بعد وقوع أحداث الشغب في 5 يوليو.

    北京时间7月23日凌晨,正在罗马进行的2009年游泳世锦赛继续第六日争夺,在男子3米板半决赛中,中国何冲与张新华携手晋级决赛。比赛之外,场边的观众已然成为罗马最具特色的风景,图为精彩瞬间。(Adam Scott)



    当日,中央军委委员、中国人民解放军总参谋长陈炳德上将、俄罗斯联邦国防部第一副部长兼武装力量总参谋长马卡罗夫大将,在沈阳军区洮南合同战术训练基地共同观看了中俄联合军演,并在野营村与参演官兵共进午餐。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日上午,俄方特种兵搭乘直升机进行机降,向“恐怖分子”发起攻击。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日上午,俄罗斯空军Su-27战斗机发射干扰弹。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日上午,演习结束后,陈炳德总参谋长(中左)和马卡罗夫总参谋长(中右)接受中外媒体记者采访。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日上午,俄方IL-76运输机运送空降兵进行空降。新华社记者 查春




    当日,中央军委委员、中国人民解放军总参谋长陈炳德上将、俄罗斯联邦国防部第一副部长兼武装力量总参谋长马卡罗夫大将,在沈阳军区洮南合同战术训练基地共同观看了中俄联合军演,并在野营村与参演官兵共进午餐。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日中午,马卡罗夫总参谋长(右一)在中俄参演装备展示区参观中方参演轻武器。新华社记者 查春明 摄

    7月23日中午,马卡罗夫总参谋长(前右)在中俄参演装备展示区参观中方参演直升机。新华社记者 查春明 摄


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  • My name is george youssef.I am a christian egyptian and i live in toronto ,canada
  • Address: 214-33 Coatsworth crescent.Toronto,Ontario,Canada.M4C5P9.
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  • I want muslims be held responsible for The bak.join me. Send the proof by mail if you have it.The evidence that the islamic bak magic satanism exists and true is crucial.

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Unity in Diversity; as opposed to Unity in Uniformity » The Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy” which he dedicated to “all who have suffered from the tyranny of executive excesses.”

It mind boggling (actually, not really.. lah! just being polite here) that a person with such background and credentials would turn into a poppycock offering ridiculous opinions like “losing Pedre Brance aka Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore is a win-win situation”. Well, we can’t expect much from an intellectual whore, right? Oopss.. by calling Rais an intellectual whore, am I breaking any law here? *chuckles*

(Bernama) – The government is not looking to find fault with bloggers and other internet users but would like them to follow the law to ensure they did not misuse it.

Oh sure man! As long as we write like any of your MSM dogs, everything will be peachy. How about telling them to follow the law as well? Cannot lah double standards, and why singled out ‘bloggers and internet users?’

Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the ministry played an important role in establishing only the right kind of information reached the masses.

Rais Yatim….OOPS!!….I mean “Living Dinosaur”….. :P

“It is not that we are looking for faults all the time. But we would like the right of the people to be guarded by the relevant authorities and the law. “Our aim is to see the 1Malaysia concept succeed.

However, in order to succeed, the facts must not be twisted or misinterpreted by some until it raises racial sentiments.

Twisted or misinterpreted, u say??? How about misquoted? You think people are dumb like you? My foot twisted and misinterpreted. I bet people misintepreted you when you said “Bok House is not a heritage building“, when you actually wanted to say it is??? What?? Come on lah, we are not so smart like you to decipher what are you trying to say, stop confusing stupid people like us.Unity in Diversity; as opposed to Unity in Uniformity »

  • The Dandelions will keep this flame burning until the ISA is abolished!

  • Recent Comments:

    i) it all started with anwar trying to hook some bn potential-kataks. nomatterwhat anwar is saying now, pakatan cannot claim moral high ground.
    ii) of course money and power (and freedom from prosecution) are tempting. it takes near-god qualities for us mere mortals to resist that. put them in your shoes. we’re talking about, allegedly, millions here… get real. and (potential) freedom from prosecution (re that two ex-pkr fellas).
    iii) lesson(s) to learn for the past few months
    a) jaga your own backyard before you cry foul. sure, bn has done what is seen and agreed widely to be a coup detat (whatever the spelling). so, what are you gonna do about it? where were the “people power”. i mean on the streets. ok, so netizens can spread the word around but i think most of us are to jaded to be on the streets. i am not suggesting we take to the streets each time there is a (even perceived) miscarriage of justice. but then again, why not?
    i’ll tell you why. i am afraid to be caught and locked-up in the balai polis. i’ve heard so many ugly stories (re kugan et al).
    b) no outside parties (the so-called international community) will even lift a finger to help us/you. most they’ll do is perhaps to sit in front of their computers and post those “brave” rebukes in the comfort of their own living room over a nice warm cup of beverage. then they’ll forget about it. and who can blame them? it’s not like they are the ones facing the bn regime. same applied to me as an arm-chair critic.
    c) what yb sivakumar did (and went through) is brave. but hey he’s a politician. whatever he has endured, to put it bluntly, comes with the package so to speak. or job hazard. him a hero? why not? it adds drama to this whole episode.

    to put it in a nutshell, until and unless the (aggrieved) people RISE, pakatan rakyat as a political party is pretty much on their own. am i/u a stakeholder in the perak case? i think i am. but i am not motivated enough to act on it. i just sit in front of my pc and i type. this is what i do best. be a hero? i dont dare. YET.

    the citizens of Malaysia – thought there is no one else worthy in the realm of politics, you prove to us that a Malaysian can be a hero. Better than any Rajnikanth … ever.

    You have shown great courage – standing alone in battle – against the mighty combined forces of the Federal Government, the Monarchy and the Police.

    You did not step aside – you did not budge – you did not waver. I had expected you to falter. After all, any ordinary man would.

    But you held on, demonstrating nerves of steel.

    And held on you did – from morning till three in the afternoon – before you were physically removed from the speaker’s chair.

    Had you not been so roughly and bodily manhandled, I bet you can stay in that chair till all others drop dead from no water, starvation or sheer exhaustion.

    I come to understand that you were mildly injured during the scuffle. Worry not, for you shall wear those physical scars proudly as your crowning glory for the people of Malaysia.

    You are someone that our soldiers should emulate. Fight on – hold post – and never say die. They should erect a statue of you in every markas tentera, to instil on our young tentera’s heart the qualities of courage, bravery and valour.

    I bow to you, dear sir, for you richly deserve my praise.

    Thank you, dear sir. God bless.

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    send it to me .

    • My name is george youssef.I am a christian egyptian and i live in toronto ,canada
    • Address: 214-33 Coatsworth crescent.Toronto,Ontario,Canada.M4C5P9.
    • e-mail:
    • I want muslims be held responsible for The bak.join me. Send the proof by mail if you have it.The evidence that the islamic bak magic satanism exists and true is crucial.

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    Barack Obama: President and Comedian?