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Assad: Isreal is not serious to resume peace talks
Posted: 13-11-2009 , 19:08 GMT

assad sarkozySyria’s president on Friday ruled out face-to-face negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the latter is not serious about peace. Speaking in Paris, Bashar al-Assad said that he had no Israeli partner ready to push forward the Middle East peace process, calling for lower-level dialogue under Turkish mediation and with French support.

“If Mr. Netanyahu is serious, he can send a team of experts, and we’ll send a team of experts to Turkey. Then we can really talk, if they’re interested,” the Syrian leader said after talks with his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy.

Muslim women wearing the trousers
Putin stresses importance of Arab ties as new Arabic newspaper launched
Middle East status quo unsustainable
Libya must not be held hostage by greed
Officials recommend to delay Palestinian election
Posted: 12-11-2009 , 14:35 GMT
Mahmoud Abbas abu mazenPalestinian election officials on Thursday recommended postponing January’s presidential election. Hanna Nasser, chairman of the Palestinian election commission, blamed Hamas for holding up the vote. According to the AP, he said Hamas had refused to cooperate with election workers, making it impossible to hold the Jan. 24 vote.


“We planned to go to Gaza to figure out how we can conduct elections there,” Nasser said. “In the meantime, we received an answer from Hamas that we are not welcome in Gaza. It is clear now that we cannot hold an election in Gaza.”


Report: Two Saudi troops killed on Yemen border
Two Saudi troops have been killed and five injured in clashes with Yemeni rebel “infiltrators” on the Saudi-Yemen border
  Assad: Isreal is not serious to resume peace talks
  Gaza border: Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian
  Officials recommend to delay Palestinian election
  Algeria says football players attacked in Cairo
Algeria says football players attacked in Cairo
Posted: 12-11-2009 , 21:41 GMT
algeria footballThe Algerian government said four football players from the national team were injured Thursday when their bus was attacked by Egyptian fans upon arrival in Cairo for a World Cup qualifier.




The two teams last met 20 years ago in a match that led to riots. Egypt won that game 1-0.





In Thursday’s attack, one player was hospitalized and three others were injured, Algerian communication minister Azzedine Mihoubi told state radio. According to him, the players were riding in their bus from Cairo International Airport to their hotel when they were attacked.




An Egyptian police official denied that Algerian team members were hurt. He said security forces overpowered local fans who tried to throw stones at the arriving members of the Algerian squad. Emotional Egyptian fans waited for the Algerians outside the airport but police managed to prevent them from hurling stones, the official said, according to the AP.









By Splash News,, Updated: November 13, 2009 1:21 PM

Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox has said she was happy to be ‘covered in blood and vomit’ while filming her new movie.

2009 Teen Choice Awards Press Room, Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, California.

2009 Teen Choice Awards Press Room, Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, California.

Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox has said she was happy to be ‘covered in blood and vomit’ while filming her new movie.

Fox, 23, plays the lead role in the new movie written by Diablo Cody and said she is happiest filming ‘exciting’ movies where she ends up covered in vomit.

Talking about one of the scenes in the new movie, she said: “I was covered in bruises and rope burns, it was freezing cold and I was wearing a mini skirt and fishnets.

“But the end result was amazing, and as an actor it was a great experience.”

She added: “If I could do exciting genre films like this and be covered in blood and vomit for the rest of my life, I would be really happy [laughs].”

Fox admitted that even though her character in the film is irresistible to men, she doesn’t feel the same confidence in real life.

She said to UK magazine Esquire: “I am not at all secure in my looks. I’m actually painfully insecure. I’m confident in who I am as a person, and confident intellectually and emotionally.

“But physically, the way I feel doesn’t match my shell. I don’t even recognise myself on screen because I just don’t relate to that person or image.”

Obama Raises Concerns About Freedom and Judicial Independence in Russia

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

President Obama and President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia in London back in April. Mr. Obama traveled to Russia on Sunday to conduct negotiations.

Published: July 5, 2009

MOSCOW — Ahead of his departure for Moscow on Sunday night for a visit aimed at repairing strained relations with Russia, President Obama vowed not to sacrifice American support for greater freedom here and questioned the politically charged prosecution of a prominent Russian businessman.

Mr. Obama raised concerns about the treatment of the businessman, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, who along with his partner has been put back on trial six years after they were first arrested. Critics say the new trial seems aimed at keeping Mr. Khodorkovsky, an opponent to the government who was once Russia’s richest man, in prison.

“Without knowing the details, it does seem odd to me that these new charges, which appear to be a repackaging of the old charges, should be surfacing now, years after these two individuals have been in prison and as they become eligible for parole,” Mr. Obama said in written answers to questions posed by a Russian opposition newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, over the weekend. “Nonetheless, I think it is improper for outsiders to interfere in the legal processes of Russia.”

But Mr. Obama called on President Dmitri A. Medvedev to follow through on his promise “to strengthen the rule of law in Russia, which of course includes making sure that all those accused of crimes have the right to a fair trial and that the courts are not used for political purposes.”

In a television interview that was broadcast in Russia on Saturday night, Mr. Obama did not repeat critical comments that he had made about Vladimir V. Putin, the former president and current prime minister, who is widely considered Russia’s dominant leader.

Mr. Obama plans to conduct negotiations with Mr. Medvedev on Monday and have breakfast with Mr. Putin on Tuesday. In the interview on Russian state television, Mr. Obama was asked why it was important to meet both men. Mr. Obama noted that he had never met Mr. Putin, but added, “Obviously, he has been a very strong leader for the Russian people.”

The interview with Russian television was conducted on Thursday shortly after Mr. Obama offered a different view of Mr. Putin in an interview with The Associated Press.

In the A.P. interview, Mr. Obama said Mr. Putin had “one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new.” Mr. Obama said that it was time to move forward and that Mr. Medvedev “understands that.”

The comment was seen as provocative, and some American officials worried that Mr. Obama may have been too sharp in taking on Mr. Putin while others argued that it let the president come in a position of strength.

On Sunday, the Kremlin released the text of an interview in which Mr. Medvedev once again suggested that the United States needed to compromise on its proposed antimissile system in Eastern Europe in order to obtain a broader agreement on cutting nuclear arsenals.

Mr. Khodorkovsky’s case is one of three that have come up as Mr. Obama heads here. Supporters want him to press Russia not only to free Mr. Khodorkovsky but also to do more to pursue the killers of two journalists, Anna Politkovskaya, a crusading war correspondent, and Paul Klebnikov, an editor for Forbes magazine.

Ms. Politkovskaya held dual Russian and American citizenship while Mr. Klebnikov was an American of Russian heritage. Mr. Obama is sending top advisers to a memorial service to be held in Moscow on Tuesday for the fifth anniversary of Mr. Klebnikov’s death, and offered a show of support for Ms. Politkovskaya’s colleagues by answering written questions posed by her newspaper, Novaya Gazeta.

Novaya Gazeta’s editors, Dmitri Muratov and Andrey Lipsky, asked Mr. Obama if he would ratchet back American attention to liberty issues in Russia.

“Of course not,” Mr. Obama wrote, adding: “I agree with President Medvedev when he said that ‘freedom is better than the absence of freedom.’ So, I see no reason why we cannot aspire together to strengthen democracy, human rights, and the rule of law as part of our ‘reset.’ ”

Mr. Khodorkovsky, who led Yukos, Russia’s most successful oil company at the time, was arrested in 2003 when he challenged Mr. Putin. He was convicted of fraud and tax evasion and sentenced to eight years in prison, while his oil company was effectively taken over by the state. He is back on trial on new charges of embezzlement and money laundering.

Mr. Khodorkovsky’s parents hoped that Mr. Obama’s interest would prompt Mr. Medvedev to stop the trial and free their son. “I liked very much what Obama said,” his father, Boris Khodorkovsky, said in an interview. But Mr. Medvedev dismissed the possibility of a pardon, at least for now, comparing the case to the recent conviction of Bernard L. Madoff in the United States.

“Some businessmen have been given very long sentences, 150 years in the United States of America,” Mr. Medvedev said in his interview with Italian news media. “Why is it that somehow no one is unduly upset about this case?”


mubarak peres peres mubarakIsraeli President Shimon Peres flew to Cairo Tuesday where he held talks with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. The two presidents discussed the Middle East peace efforts and the situation of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, who has been held captive in Gaza for over three years.


When asked about Schalit, Mubarak answered, “Communications are ongoing. Schalit is in good condition. I hope that in the coming period, not in a long time, the Schalit issue will be closed.”

جنازة شعبية مهيبة في وداع مـروة
شيخ الأزهر يدعو لموقف من التصعيد
ضد الأجانب والمسلمين المقيمين في أوروبا

الالاف فى تشييع جثمان مروة بالاسكندرية

في جنازة مهيبة‏,‏ شيعت مصر ابنتها البارة مروة الشربيني التي استشهدت علي يد متطرف ألماني طعنا بالسكين في ساحة إحدي المحاكم الألمانية‏.‏

وقد شارك في صلاة الجنازة بساحة مسجد القائد إبراهيم بالإسكندرية المئات من المواطنين ووزراء الاستثمار والقوي العاملة والاتصالات‏,‏ وندد المسلمون والأقباط في ملحمة وطنية رائعة بالحادث الإجرامي والتعصب البغيض الذي راحت ضحيته الشهيدة مروة‏.‏

ومن القاهرة كتب ـ علا مصطفي عامر وأحمد صبري أمين‏:‏
وصف فضيلة الإمام الأكبر الدكتور محمد سيد طنطاوي الفقيدة بأنها شهيدة‏,‏ مطالبا المجتمع الدولي باتخاذ موقف حاسم ضد التصعيد الغربي في الإساءة إلي الأجانب المقيمين في البلاد الأوروبية‏,‏ بمن فيهم المسلمون‏.‏

وقال رئيس الوزراء ووزير العدل في ولاية زاكسن في حديث مع السفير المصري في برلين رمزي عز الدين إن في الولاية قانونا لتعويض الضحايا‏,‏ ويجري حاليا دراسة الحقوق المدنية لأسرة المجني عليها الزوج والطفل لتحديد حجم التعويض المادي المناسب وصرفه في أسرع وقت ممكن‏.‏

صورة أرشيفية لأوباما


  • The Dandelions will keep this flame burning until the ISA is abolished!

  • Recent Comments:

    i) it all started with anwar trying to hook some bn potential-kataks. nomatterwhat anwar is saying now, pakatan cannot claim moral high ground.
    ii) of course money and power (and freedom from prosecution) are tempting. it takes near-god qualities for us mere mortals to resist that. put them in your shoes. we’re talking about, allegedly, millions here… get real. and (potential) freedom from prosecution (re that two ex-pkr fellas).
    iii) lesson(s) to learn for the past few months
    a) jaga your own backyard before you cry foul. sure, bn has done what is seen and agreed widely to be a coup detat (whatever the spelling). so, what are you gonna do about it? where were the “people power”. i mean on the streets. ok, so netizens can spread the word around but i think most of us are to jaded to be on the streets. i am not suggesting we take to the streets each time there is a (even perceived) miscarriage of justice. but then again, why not?
    i’ll tell you why. i am afraid to be caught and locked-up in the balai polis. i’ve heard so many ugly stories (re kugan et al).
    b) no outside parties (the so-called international community) will even lift a finger to help us/you. most they’ll do is perhaps to sit in front of their computers and post those “brave” rebukes in the comfort of their own living room over a nice warm cup of beverage. then they’ll forget about it. and who can blame them? it’s not like they are the ones facing the bn regime. same applied to me as an arm-chair critic.
    c) what yb sivakumar did (and went through) is brave. but hey he’s a politician. whatever he has endured, to put it bluntly, comes with the package so to speak. or job hazard. him a hero? why not? it adds drama to this whole episode.

    to put it in a nutshell, until and unless the (aggrieved) people RISE, pakatan rakyat as a political party is pretty much on their own. am i/u a stakeholder in the perak case? i think i am. but i am not motivated enough to act on it. i just sit in front of my pc and i type. this is what i do best. be a hero? i dont dare. YET.

    the citizens of Malaysia – thought there is no one else worthy in the realm of politics, you prove to us that a Malaysian can be a hero. Better than any Rajnikanth … ever.

    You have shown great courage – standing alone in battle – against the mighty combined forces of the Federal Government, the Monarchy and the Police.

    You did not step aside – you did not budge – you did not waver. I had expected you to falter. After all, any ordinary man would.

    But you held on, demonstrating nerves of steel.

    And held on you did – from morning till three in the afternoon – before you were physically removed from the speaker’s chair.

    Had you not been so roughly and bodily manhandled, I bet you can stay in that chair till all others drop dead from no water, starvation or sheer exhaustion.

    I come to understand that you were mildly injured during the scuffle. Worry not, for you shall wear those physical scars proudly as your crowning glory for the people of Malaysia.

    You are someone that our soldiers should emulate. Fight on – hold post – and never say die. They should erect a statue of you in every markas tentera, to instil on our young tentera’s heart the qualities of courage, bravery and valour.

    I bow to you, dear sir, for you richly deserve my praise.

    Thank you, dear sir. God bless.