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mubarak peres peres mubarakIsraeli President Shimon Peres flew to Cairo Tuesday where he held talks with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. The two presidents discussed the Middle East peace efforts and the situation of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, who has been held captive in Gaza for over three years.


When asked about Schalit, Mubarak answered, “Communications are ongoing. Schalit is in good condition. I hope that in the coming period, not in a long time, the Schalit issue will be closed.”

جنازة شعبية مهيبة في وداع مـروة
شيخ الأزهر يدعو لموقف من التصعيد
ضد الأجانب والمسلمين المقيمين في أوروبا

الالاف فى تشييع جثمان مروة بالاسكندرية

في جنازة مهيبة‏,‏ شيعت مصر ابنتها البارة مروة الشربيني التي استشهدت علي يد متطرف ألماني طعنا بالسكين في ساحة إحدي المحاكم الألمانية‏.‏

وقد شارك في صلاة الجنازة بساحة مسجد القائد إبراهيم بالإسكندرية المئات من المواطنين ووزراء الاستثمار والقوي العاملة والاتصالات‏,‏ وندد المسلمون والأقباط في ملحمة وطنية رائعة بالحادث الإجرامي والتعصب البغيض الذي راحت ضحيته الشهيدة مروة‏.‏

ومن القاهرة كتب ـ علا مصطفي عامر وأحمد صبري أمين‏:‏
وصف فضيلة الإمام الأكبر الدكتور محمد سيد طنطاوي الفقيدة بأنها شهيدة‏,‏ مطالبا المجتمع الدولي باتخاذ موقف حاسم ضد التصعيد الغربي في الإساءة إلي الأجانب المقيمين في البلاد الأوروبية‏,‏ بمن فيهم المسلمون‏.‏

وقال رئيس الوزراء ووزير العدل في ولاية زاكسن في حديث مع السفير المصري في برلين رمزي عز الدين إن في الولاية قانونا لتعويض الضحايا‏,‏ ويجري حاليا دراسة الحقوق المدنية لأسرة المجني عليها الزوج والطفل لتحديد حجم التعويض المادي المناسب وصرفه في أسرع وقت ممكن‏.‏


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Unity in Diversity; as opposed to Unity in Uniformity » The Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy” which he dedicated to “all who have suffered from the tyranny of executive excesses.”

It mind boggling (actually, not really.. lah! just being polite here) that a person with such background and credentials would turn into a poppycock offering ridiculous opinions like “losing Pedre Brance aka Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore is a win-win situation”. Well, we can’t expect much from an intellectual whore, right? Oopss.. by calling Rais an intellectual whore, am I breaking any law here? *chuckles*

(Bernama) – The government is not looking to find fault with bloggers and other internet users but would like them to follow the law to ensure they did not misuse it.

Oh sure man! As long as we write like any of your MSM dogs, everything will be peachy. How about telling them to follow the law as well? Cannot lah double standards, and why singled out ‘bloggers and internet users?’

Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the ministry played an important role in establishing only the right kind of information reached the masses.

Rais Yatim….OOPS!!….I mean “Living Dinosaur”….. :P

“It is not that we are looking for faults all the time. But we would like the right of the people to be guarded by the relevant authorities and the law. “Our aim is to see the 1Malaysia concept succeed.

However, in order to succeed, the facts must not be twisted or misinterpreted by some until it raises racial sentiments.

Twisted or misinterpreted, u say??? How about misquoted? You think people are dumb like you? My foot twisted and misinterpreted. I bet people misintepreted you when you said “Bok House is not a heritage building“, when you actually wanted to say it is??? What?? Come on lah, we are not so smart like you to decipher what are you trying to say, stop confusing stupid people like us.Unity in Diversity; as opposed to Unity in Uniformity »

  • The Dandelions will keep this flame burning until the ISA is abolished!

  • Recent Comments:

    i) it all started with anwar trying to hook some bn potential-kataks. nomatterwhat anwar is saying now, pakatan cannot claim moral high ground.
    ii) of course money and power (and freedom from prosecution) are tempting. it takes near-god qualities for us mere mortals to resist that. put them in your shoes. we’re talking about, allegedly, millions here… get real. and (potential) freedom from prosecution (re that two ex-pkr fellas).
    iii) lesson(s) to learn for the past few months
    a) jaga your own backyard before you cry foul. sure, bn has done what is seen and agreed widely to be a coup detat (whatever the spelling). so, what are you gonna do about it? where were the “people power”. i mean on the streets. ok, so netizens can spread the word around but i think most of us are to jaded to be on the streets. i am not suggesting we take to the streets each time there is a (even perceived) miscarriage of justice. but then again, why not?
    i’ll tell you why. i am afraid to be caught and locked-up in the balai polis. i’ve heard so many ugly stories (re kugan et al).
    b) no outside parties (the so-called international community) will even lift a finger to help us/you. most they’ll do is perhaps to sit in front of their computers and post those “brave” rebukes in the comfort of their own living room over a nice warm cup of beverage. then they’ll forget about it. and who can blame them? it’s not like they are the ones facing the bn regime. same applied to me as an arm-chair critic.
    c) what yb sivakumar did (and went through) is brave. but hey he’s a politician. whatever he has endured, to put it bluntly, comes with the package so to speak. or job hazard. him a hero? why not? it adds drama to this whole episode.

    to put it in a nutshell, until and unless the (aggrieved) people RISE, pakatan rakyat as a political party is pretty much on their own. am i/u a stakeholder in the perak case? i think i am. but i am not motivated enough to act on it. i just sit in front of my pc and i type. this is what i do best. be a hero? i dont dare. YET.

    the citizens of Malaysia – thought there is no one else worthy in the realm of politics, you prove to us that a Malaysian can be a hero. Better than any Rajnikanth … ever.

    You have shown great courage – standing alone in battle – against the mighty combined forces of the Federal Government, the Monarchy and the Police.

    You did not step aside – you did not budge – you did not waver. I had expected you to falter. After all, any ordinary man would.

    But you held on, demonstrating nerves of steel.

    And held on you did – from morning till three in the afternoon – before you were physically removed from the speaker’s chair.

    Had you not been so roughly and bodily manhandled, I bet you can stay in that chair till all others drop dead from no water, starvation or sheer exhaustion.

    I come to understand that you were mildly injured during the scuffle. Worry not, for you shall wear those physical scars proudly as your crowning glory for the people of Malaysia.

    You are someone that our soldiers should emulate. Fight on – hold post – and never say die. They should erect a statue of you in every markas tentera, to instil on our young tentera’s heart the qualities of courage, bravery and valour.

    I bow to you, dear sir, for you richly deserve my praise.

    Thank you, dear sir. God bless.