Muslims are more plastic than plankton because there is islamic bak.The Bak Islami.Muslim Bak magic satanism and i google and i george yussuf as well.The FBI please

Obama Cairo Speech “To the Muslim World”.High Quality 6/4/2009

the islamic bak magic satanism by george youssef.
please notice the US flag is on the left
in the next video you see the US flag is on the right and Egypt flag is on the left
a feat of wonder from the islamic bak
the-islamic-bak-magic is a fact in Egypt but the USA and Israel do not know about it. Over500,000 christians in Egypt received their filmbak but are afraid to death to speak against it. they are under the muslim thumb. Funding is required to expose muslims and their bak and hussein obama the bak president as well. you can find my address on my blogs, on facebook and twitter or googling the islamic bak and george youssef address.
Remember the sehhraya bak, the bak witchcraft gets forgotten right after the satanic bak torture sessiuon, you can only remember it by the filmbak. Also muslims are baks not humans, not created but bak-made.


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